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The benefits, support and respect every driver deserves!

Let’s grow together.

At Tru Trucking, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safety in the transportation industry. Our drivers are the backbone of our operation, and we are committed to providing a supportive and rewarding environment for those who join our team. Our expectations for our drivers reflect our dedication to excellence.

Here's a concise list of expectations for our drivers at Tru Trucking:


Arrive on time for scheduled pickups, deliveries, and shifts.


Interact with clients, colleagues, and the public in a respectful and polite manner.

Effective Communication

Maintain clear and open communication with dispatch, clients, and team members regarding route updates, delays, and any issues encountered.

Commitment to OTR (Over the Road) Trips

Commit to a minimum of 3-4 days on the road per trip, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods.

Safety Compliance

Adhere strictly to all safety regulations and company policies to ensure the well-being of oneself and others on the road.

Cargo Security

Safeguard cargo by properly securing and handling loads to prevent damage or loss during transit.

Professional Appearance

Present oneself in a neat and tidy manner, reflecting the professionalism of Tru Trucking. 


Navigate diverse road and weather conditions with flexibility and adaptability.


 Maintain accurate records of hours of service, fuel consumption, and delivery documentation to ensure regulatory compliance.

Continuous Improvement

Seek opportunities for professional development and contribute to the enhancement of operational efficiency through feedback and suggestions.

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